May 22, 2013

‘Ride To Francis’: Day 1

By Dave Christi

KSU (kick stand up) at 9:10 AM ET
(Click the photo for a close-up view of Dave's vest)
So, I begin my adventure! My wife Diane snapped this photo just before I left. She's the seamstress behind the vest's handiwork and has been great in supporting this endeavor of mine from the beginning.

What started out as a very overcast and cool morning in Kingston, N.Y., eventually led to a hot (90 degrees) afternoon in central Pa. I'm now further west (Clarion, Pa.), just off of Route 80 - my first stop. I ran through two storms - the first being a heavy (albeit short) downpour accompanied by bolts of lightning in the Pocono Mountains - and then a passing rain near Dubois. The storms cool and clean the air and the smell of negative ions is wonderful. Traffic was unexpectedly light given that Route 80 is normally laden with tractor-trailer traffic. Road work was minimal so no significant delays :^). All in all a good day riding! More tomorrow.... Dave
Sunset in Clarion, Pa.

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