Who Benefits from Your Donations

About 62,000 American veterans sleep on the street every night. Approximately twice that many are likely to be homeless at some point during the year.

According to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, "A veteran is fifty percent more likely to be homeless than the average American."

Donations to the Voluntary Services Unit of the Kansas City VA Medical Center in memory of Francis D. Sommer provide assistance to homeless and needy veterans. Because administrative and staffing costs are covered by the VA, contributors can be assured that 100 percent of their donations are used to provide goods and services to veterans as they re-establish their lives. Additionally, their progress toward stability is monitored by the outstanding staff of the VA’s Voluntary Services Unit. This is a structured program toward security and stability, not a handout. Veterans receive assistance that may range from purchasing safety shoes for a new job to outfitting and stocking an empty kitchen.

This memorial fund was created to celebrate and honor the life of Francis D. Sommer, a decorated veteran who served with the 10th Mountain Division in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Francis was treated at the Kansas City VA Medical Center, where he also volunteered, distributing clothing to homeless veterans and cooking his special recipe for chili for them. This living tribute to Francis’s spirit continues to grow as more people learn about the need and discover that there is a way to help.

The memorial fund was established when Francis passed away on February 11, 2011. Since then, the continuing generosity of donors has made this the largest memorial fund ever established at the Kansas City VA. Hundreds of veterans have received assistance in the past year. The number of donors who’ve never met Francis now exceeds those who had the good fortune to know and love him in life--a true testimony to the universal value of this effort to end homelessness and poverty among our military veterans.

To share in the gift of helping a veteran, please send your contribution to:

Kansas City VA
Voluntary Services 135
4801 Linwood Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64128

Make your check to the KCVA and please note on the memo line: Francis D. Sommer Memorial Fund.