April 15, 2012

A brief update

May is nearly upon us. Francis would have turned twenty-nine on May 12th. It's difficult to believe that this will be his second birthday since we lost him.

May is also the month of Memorial Day, a fitting time to offer an update.

Generous donors from all over the country have contributed over $12,000 to the Francis D. Sommer Memorial Fund for Homeless Veterans during the past year. Simply an amazing amount--far beyond anything we could have imagined.

This website has now been updated with new links, more photos, and links to information about the crisis of homelessness among America's veterans.

My fondest hope is that visitors to the website will pass the link on to others and add it to their Facebook pages and social network sites. 

Please visit first the link in the right sidebar, Remembering Francis and Caring for Homeless Veterans, which describes the mission of this fund.

I've also posted an email address. If you have a story to share about Francis or about the Memorial Fund, please do write.

Thank you for visiting and for caring.


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