April 19, 2015

‘Leavenworth’ reissued in Rathalla Review Anthology

Rathalla Review's 2014 anthology includes a revised version of  "Leavenworth," first published in Fall 2013. 

December 23, 2014

Peace of the season

Christmas morning, 2007. Francis's first Christmas at home
following his honorable discharge from the Army.
A special thank you to all of our friends and family who contributed to the Francis D. Sommer Memorial Fund for Homeless Veterans at the Kansas City VA. Since Veterans Day you added $1,100 to this fund in service of those veterans who are most in need of a hand-up. We have collectively raised over $23,300 to support these men and women and their families.

The holidays can be especially difficult. We are greatly comforted by knowing that so many people care and that Francis is so well remembered.

Best wishes of the season!

October 17, 2014

You'll be with us through every inning and always

Hey, Francis! The Royals won the AL pennant and made it to the World Series! Here's what a couple of friends wrote about you and the Royals soon after we lost you:

"Hey, man. We miss your presence here. I could really use a reality check about the Royals right now, and I don't know who better to dish it out. See you in a while, brother." --Eric Sherman

"Hey, Franky, I was just thinking about the time in the Korengal when you were talking about sitting on the other ridge with a KC ball hat listening to your ipod." --Tom Eineke

You'll be with us through every inning of the World Series, and always. With love from Mom & Dad, Erin & Alex, and all who knew you.
Francis D. Sommer (May 12, 1983 - Feb. 11, 2011)